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Commission info

Current OpeningsEmotes: OpenLive2D Art: Reopening Dec 15Illustration: Open

Quick Pricing
(check info for detailed prices)
Emotes: $45 each
Live2D Art: Fullbody $950+
Illustration: $200+
Contact via Email
[email protected]

Contact via Form or VGen
$45 eachcurrent est. time for completion: Dec 24PLEASE READ
deadlines of more than 5 emotes per week will have a rush fee
1 week for 5 emotes = normal turnaround time
1 week for 10 emotes = RUSH
fees vary 10% to 50% depending on amount

Live2D Art
Established clients ONLY
Reopening Dec 15
Waist Model: $750+
Fullbody Model: $950+
Chibi fullbody: $250+Includes art only, no rigging.
Comes with full mouth shapes package for lip sync.
Basic package:

  • 1 accessory (animal ears, horns, wings, etc.)

  • 3 expression (default, 2 of your choice, extras are $10 each)

  • 1 outfit (extra outfits vary, starts at $80)

  • 1 arm/leg set (extra arms/legs are $40 each)

Contact via Twitter or Email for full quote.

Detailed Illustration
established clients ONLY
Bust illustration: $200+
Halfbody: $350+
Fullbody: $550+
Painted anime style
Includes simple background with 1 to 2 minimal elements.
Detailed backgrounds are $75+ .
Extra detailed characters with many accessories may incur extra costs.
2 characters = x1.5 price.
Commercial fee 10% to 90% depending on usage.
Contact via Email for full quote.
[email protected]

Merchandise Commissions
open for inquiry
Charm illustration: $125+
Double sided, 2 expressions, commercial fee included
Overly detailed characters cost extra
Acrylic Stand illustration: $300+
Single side/1 illustration
Commercial fee included
Overly detailed characters or additional acrylic layers cost extra
I will not be providing a storefront or manufacturing services at this time.More options coming soon

Additional Info & TOSBy commissioning me, you agree to the terms listed below.I reserve the right to decline a commission at any time. This includes discontinuing a commission that has been started. (Refunds may be negotiated depending.)Payment is done only via PayPal in USD. All payments must be made half upfront and half after completion or full payment upfront. (Sketch commissions must be full upfront)I reserve the rights to commissions, including uses of merchandise and display. (Additional costs apply for private commissions. Please have a contract or terms ready if you would like commercial rights. Fees range from 25%-100%) Merchandise commissions include a commercial fee for most merchandise types and advertising for merchandise. You may NOT use my art for NFT's or AI algorithms. Please ask if you have questions about usage.I reserve the right to livestream any commissions unless specified otherwise. (Additional costs may apply for private commissions.)Additional design fees may also apply for characters with little to no reference images or text-only descriptions.Very complex characters may incur additional fees, unless simplifying is allowed.There is a rush fee if you need your commission completed quickly. Details can be discussed with your commission email. (20%-50% upcharge)You may request 1-2 major revisions during the sketching phase and 1 minor revision after art has reached the halfway completion mark. Any revisions after that point may cost extra, so please be specificAll commissions are non-refundable unless I am not able to fulfill the commission for any reason.If I have not started on the commission, you may request a refund.